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Located in the western part of Uganda, Kibale National Park is a captivating realm of natural beauty, beckoning travelers with its rich biodiversity and enchanting landscapes.  Kibale National Park offers an oasis of natural wonder in the heart of the African continent.

Kibale’s true claim to fame lies in its rich primate diversity, which is unparalleled in Africa. It boasts an astonishing 13 primate species, with the charismatic chimpanzees taking center stage. In addition to the chimpanzees, Kibale National Park hosts a symphony of primates. Notable residents include the elusive L’Hoest’s monkeys, East Africa’s largest population of endangered red colobus monkeys, black & white colobus, red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, olive baboons, grey-cheeked mangabeys, bush babies, and potto, among many others.

Activities in Kibale National Park

Chimpanzee Tracking: Chimpanzee tracking stands as the crown jewel of Kibale National Park. With over 1450 individuals, Kibale is home to one of the most robust populations of chimpanzees in the world. Join our expert guides on a thrilling chimpanzee tracking expedition, delving into the heart of the rainforest to observe these intelligent creatures in their natural habitat

Bird-Watching: For avid bird enthusiasts, Kibale National Park is a bird-watching haven with a stunning array of over 375 bird species. Our seasoned ornithologists will accompany you, helping you spot both resident and migratory birds. As you explore the park’s diverse habitats, listen to the melodies of nature and admire the vibrant plumage of its avian residents.

Nocturnal Forest Walks: The mysteries of the forest come alive after dark during nocturnal walks. Armed with flashlights, embark on an adventure through the enchanting moonlit forest. As the day’s diurnal residents retire, a new cast of creatures emerges, from serenading tree frogs to elusive bushbabies. Our expert guides will lead you on this captivating journey through the shadows