Bird Watching in Uganda

Uganda bird watching is a paradise for bird watchers, boasting over 1,000 species of birds, including rare and endemic species found nowhere else on Earth. From the iconic shoebill stork to colorful sunbirds and elusive forest dwellers, Uganda’s avian diversity is truly astounding.

Uganda bird watching tours takes you to some of the best birding destinations in the country.  These include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mabamba Swamp, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and Semuliki National Park. Cruise along the Kazinga Channel, glide through the tranquil waters of Mabamba Swamp in search of the elusive shoebill stork, and trek through ancient rainforests to spot endemic species such as the African green broadbill and the red-billed dwarf hornbill.

Whether you’re a seasoned birder or a beginner, Uganda bird watching tours are designed to cater for enthusiasts of all levels.

Join us as we explore Uganda’s diverse landscapes, encounter its rich avifauna, and immerse ourselves in the magic of bird watching with Dagiz Travel. Book your adventure today and let the feathered inhabitants of Uganda captivate your heart and soul.

Bird Watching in Uganda
Uganda Destinations

Where to Go for Bird Watching

Mabamba Swamp

When you visit to watch the shoebill with a local guide, we conduct daily Shoebill excursions in the morning and afternoon. Morning Shoebill boat tours from Entebbe begin at 7 am or at your preferred time, while afternoon tours start at 3 pm. The trip costs $60, including a boat and a guide, when you find us at the Mabamba Swamp site.

Queen Elizabeth National park

Bird Watching in Uganda specifically at Queen Elizabeth National Park, an experienced bird guide accompanies you to help spot different bird species, including the African Emerald Cuckoo, Grey-headed Kingfisher, Marabou Stork, Pink-backed Pelicans, Long-tailed Cormorants, African Skimmer, African Fish Eagle, Spur-winged Lapwing, and more.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Naional Park

Bird lovers can enjoy bird watching in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park at any time throughout the year. However, the best period is during the wet season in the months of March to May and November. During these months, birdwatchers can view migratory bird species, enhancing the birdwatching experience.

Kibaale National Park

In Kibale National Park, birdwatchers have the opportunity to observe over 350 bird species, including the elusive African green broadbill, vibrant great blue turaco, and captivating purple-breasted sunbird. The lush rainforest reverberates with the melodious calls of these remarkable birds, providing a deeply immersive birding experience.

Semuliki National Park

Birding in Semuliki National Park is possible throughout the year, but the optimal time is during the dry season, which typically occurs from March to May and September to November. During these months, the park experiences less rainfall, making it easier to navigate the trails and spot a variety of bird species.

Lake Mburo National Park

The best time for birding in Lake Mburo National Park is favorable throughout the year, but there are specific months that offer optimal spotting opportunities. These prime months typically span from June to July and from December to February. During this period, there is minimal rainfall, and the forest trails are easily accessible, enhancing the chances of spotting various bird species

Murchison Falls National Park

During bird watching in Murchison Falls National Park, an experienced park guide accompanies you to help spot different bird species, including the elusive Shoebill Stork, Grey Crowned Crane, Pennant-winged Nightjar, Chestnut Crowned Sparrow-weaver, Long-toed Plover, Saddle-billed Stork, and more.

Kidepo Valley National Park

In Kidepo Valley National Park, participants in bird watching activities can identify a variety of bird species, including the white-faced scops owl, black-headed plover, yellow-necked spurfowl, eastern pale chanting goshawk, African swallow-tailed kite, ostriches, Nubian woodpecker, Ruppel’s and Superb starling, little weaver, and more.

Prepare to be enchanted by a myriad of bird species flourishing in their natural environments. With over 1,000 bird varieties, many endemic to Uganda, our tours unveil the country’s premier birding destinations.

Activities on Uganda Bird Watching Tours:

1.Bird Spotting Excursions
  1. Bird Spotting Excursions:

Explore Uganda's national parks, forest reserves, and birding hotspots alongside seasoned bird guides. Venture into diverse ecosystems – from rainforests to wetlands and savannahs – in search of rare and endemic birds.

2. Guided Nature Walks:
3. Boat Safaris and Birding Cruises:

Birding habitats in Uganda

Unlike other birding destinations around the world, Uganda has and is gifted with different habitats that range from tropical to afro-montane rain forests, wooded and grassland savannahs, mashes to papyrus swamps, arid to semi-arid areas not leaving out the clear blue skies all these making Uganda a convention or a melting pot of different resident and migratory species of birds, which include wintering Palearctic migrants like the Peregrine Falcon, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Intra African migrants both vertical and horizontal and the breeding resident species within the main habitats which bring Uganda to the apex of birding all finding refuge in the forests and swamps both high altitude and low range, where many rarities are always found.

What to bring on a birding trip to Uganda

In addition to the typical clothing, toiletries and relaxation essentials you may pack for any getaway, there are certain birding accessories you must fit in your luggage on a birding trip. When you are packing for a birding trip, don’t forget to include;

Field Guide Book

A field guide is essential for any birding travel, and depending on the trip length of your trip and number of destinations, you may need several different guides. Choose guides you are comfortable using and that are a good size for field use, without being too bulky or overwhelming for your luggage. If you do not have a guide for your destination, you may want to save space in your bags and pick one up at a local bookstore once you arrive. Local shopping is a great way to help the birding economy as well as find the very best field guide for your new travel hotspot.


Not only will you want to take along your favorite birding binoculars or trusty spotting scope, but you need to take along any critical accessories to use your optics most effectively. This may include a harness or carrying strap, cleaning tools, digiscoping adaptors or other tools that could come in handy.


Not all birders are skilled photographers, but even less-than-professional photographs can be useful for identifying birds. This can be especially crucial when seeing unfamiliar birds or birding in foreign regions, and you won’t want to forget your camera. Pack extra photo batteries, memory cards, cleaning tools or other camera accessories as well.

Field Bag

Your field bag is essential to tote your gear no matter where you may be birding. A canvas or cloth bag will generally use less space and fold more compactly, and be sure to declutter your field bag before a birding trip so you do not bring along any unnecessary items.

Field Clothing

The clothes you wear out birding are often significantly different than what you might wear while sightseeing, enjoying a fancy dinner, taking in a show or even just visiting family. You will want to bring along appropriate clothes for birding, taking into account the habitats you are likely to visit and the climate you will be birding in to choose the most comfortable apparel. Don’t forget the birding hut and the boots.

Best times to do a birding safari in Uganda

Looking for best time to do birding in Uganda? Yes, birdwatching is good all year around in Uganda because most birds are resident species. Climate is a major factor to consider if planning any birdwatching tour. Uganda experiences two seasons that is; the dry season and the wet season.

During the wet season; the roads connecting to different birding destinations and hiking forest trails tend to be slippery and muddy which at times affects movements of travelers hence interfering the birding time.

Generally, the best time for birding in Uganda is late May through September. During this period Uganda experiences less rains and food is always in plenty. The main nesting season in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park which are major sites hosting the Albertine Rift endemics is May and June. 

Uganda Birding Safari Tour Packages

Bird Watching in Uganda

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