About Rwanda

Rwanda, warmly known as “the land of a thousand hills’’ is situated in East – central Africa. It lies 121 Km South (75 miles) of the equator in the Tropic of Capricorn, 1416 kilometers (880Miles) west of the Indian Ocean and 1250Km (777Miles) east of the Atlantic Ocean – literally the heart of Africa.

She is bordered by Uganda to the north, Tanzania to the east, Burundi to the south and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. The country has a temperate climate, with two rainy seasons (February to April, November to January).

The iconic designation, “Land of a Thousand Hills,” not only captures Rwanda’s topography but also reflects its spirit. Each hill is a testament to resilience, recovery, and the enduring beauty that defines Rwanda. Dagiz Travel invites you to traverse these hills, uncovering the stories they hold and the breathtaking panoramas they reveal.

Best Time To Travel

December – March
June – September

Rwanda Climate

Great & clear weather all Year Heavy rains in April & May


Kigali International Airport

Time Zone

UTC/GMT +2 hours

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What to do in Rwanda

Rwanda, a nation of diverse landscapes and vibrant culture, beckons with a tapestry of experiences curated by Dagiz Travel. Immerse yourself in the heart of East Africa and explore the myriad adventures that await in this captivating land.

Gorilla trekking

Join Dagiz Travel for an intimate encounter with majestic mountain gorillas, an experience that transcends wildlife observation to become a soul-stirring connection with nature.

Cultural tours

Engage in authentic interactions with local communities, witness traditional dances, and partake in rituals that unveil the heart and soul of Rwandan culture.

Wildlife Safaris

Venture into the heart of Rwanda’s wilderness with exhilarating wildlife safaris. Dagiz Travel crafts safari experiences in diverse ecosystems,

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