Golden Monkeys: A Glimpse into Their World

Golden monkeys are amazing primates that live on the slopes of the Virunga volcanoes. This area spans across Rwanda, Uganda, and the DR Congo. If you ever find yourself in Uganda’s southwest corner, don’t miss out on a trip to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park for some golden monkey trekking.

Where to Find Golden Monkeys

You can find golden monkeys in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, which is part of the Virunga Mountains where they are endemic. In comparison, golden monkeys are gorgeous in appearance, with bright-colored fur and long golden hair mixed with orange.

How to get to Mgahiga gorilla national park

To get to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, you can access it by both road and air transport means. By road, you will drive from Kampala via Masaka, Mbarara, Kabale, Kisoro, and then to the park headquarters, which takes about 9 to 10 hours. When using air transport, you can book  flights from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airfield to Kisoro Airstrip and then connect to the park headquarters by a safari vehicle.

What Makes Golden Monkey Trekking Special?

Golden monkey trekking is a special adventure that gets your heart racing a bit more than usual. Unlike their chimpanzee and gorilla cousins, whose treks might be less physically demanding due to flatter terrain or slower movements, these little monkeys are always on the move over hilly landscapes! They’re super quick and agile, which makes following them through bamboo forests quite exciting as they love snacking on young bamboo shoots there!

Typically found in groups of 30 or more members who roam extensively throughout their habitat, golden monkeys are constantly on the move.

Getting Ready for Your Adventure – A Permit in Hand.

To participate in this unique experience, one must secure a permit beforehand from any tour agency—choose your date carefully because it’s going to be special! The day starts early with a briefing at 7 a.m. at park headquarters, where everything about what lies ahead is explained thoroughly. Once you spot them during your trek—which usually lasts around two hours depending on how far they’ve wandered overnight—you’ll have roughly an hour to enjoy watching these enchanting animals up close before heading back.

Golden Monkey Trekking Permit

The permit costs $60 for foreign non-residents, $40 for foreign residents, and UGX 40,000 for East African residents. The prices may vary during different seasons and demands, so it’s advisable to book the permit soon to avoid delays.

Best time to go Trekking

Trekking can be done throughout the year, though the best period is during the dry/peak season in the months of June, July, August, September, December, January, and February. During the dry season, there is less rainfall in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, making hiking trails more passable.

Golden Monkey Habituation.

Golden monkeys need to be habituated before tourists can be allowed to visit them due to their shyness and wild nature. During the golden monkey habituation experience, visitors are given 4 hours to closely study the behavior of the monkeys while getting more in-depth information from researchers.

Safari Package List

  • Insect repellent to protect your body from insect bites
  • Long sleeved shirt and trouser to keep you warm and avoid insects from entering your trousers
  • Waterproof rain jacket to protect you from rainfall
  • Hiking boots to keep your feed dry during trekking
  • Backpack to carry your golden monkey trekking essentials like camera,

Frequently Asked Questions

What do golden monkeys eat?

The golden monkey has a diet that consists primarily of young bamboo leaves, fruits, bamboo branchlets, bamboo shoots, invertebrates, flowers, and shrubs.

How long does golden monkey trekking take?
Where to see golden monkeys in Uganda?