Volcanoes National Park

About Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is best known for mountain gorilla trekking but the park is also rich with many other exotic activities to engage in. This park is part of the Virunga volcanoes which are shared between Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo. This park is an evergreen bamboo forest with grassland areas, swamp and heath in other areas.

The mountain gorillas are the prime attraction in volcanoes national park with gorilla trekking happening all year round. Because of the high altitude it is generally cold, especially early morning and the evenings, you are advised to carry a light sweater for these times. The park is located only 2 hours from Kigali in the north of Rwanda.

Activities in Volcanoes National Park

Mountain Gorilla Tracking

The mountain gorillas are the biggest attraction of the Volcanoes national park and this is a lifetime experience to come close to these gentle yet frightening creatures. Mountain gorillas in the earlier years before the 90’s were considered as critically endangered on the IUCN’s species list but with the conservation efforts in the gorilla homes

Golden Monkey trekking

Golden monkey trekking is yet another most done activity in Volcanoes national park which attract thousands of travelers into this jungle. Golden monkeys are exceptional creatures which every traveler should not miss out on his/her Rwanda safari.Its only in Volcanoes wanda and Mgahinga gorilla national parks that travelers can see golden monkeys in their natural habitats.

Hike a volcano

The Volcanoes national park is a home to a number of the Virunga Volcanic Mountains and this park offers permits to hike any of them. While in the Volcanoes national park, you can hike the Mount Sabinyo, Mount Gahinga, Mount Muhabura and Mount Bisoke at 75 USD per person and these are one day experiences.