“MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON” 350Km, West of Kampala – 996 Sq.Km

As the name implies the magic of the Rwenzori snow-capped peaks, glaciers and forestation has long inspired mankind’s spirit of adventure. Its slopes shrouded in mist lend it an eerie atmosphere that has earned it the additional name” The land of Mist’ and it’s a must of the serious hiker (for mountain hiking), and there is a mysteriousness about it neither Mt. Kenya nor Kilimanjaro share. It is also thought to be the origins behind the legend of’ the Mountains of the Moon’ which Roman geographer Ptolemy wrongly claimed to be the source of the Nile in AD 150! Also a Home to largest mountain range in Africa only Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya in neighboring Tanzania and Kenya overshadow it but only in elevation. The Rwenzori Mountains are unique, in the fact that they are not volcanic in origin, but were forced ‘up’ during the upheaval and formation of the Great Rift Valley. Primarily attracting hikers ( for hiking) and climbers( mountain climbing) ,the park also supports an impressive number of mammals including elephant, cats, chimpanzee, giant forest hog and many of the shyer species of antelope such as duiker, as well as a diverse and colorful variety of bird-life. Like its neighboring mountains in East Africa the Rwenzori range consists of several altitude zones: a forest zone at 1800m which is home to the majority of the parks resident mammals, dense bamboo forest (3000m/4500m), moorland (4375m), steep glacial passes to the Mountains of the Moon’s highest peaks (5109m).This mountain range is described as being perhaps the toughest hiking challenge in East Africa, requiring above average fitness and stamina.

It boasts of some of the highest peaks in the world, the Rwenzori Mountains popularly referred to as the “Mountains of the Moon.” These are permanently snow capped peaks that offer great trekking experiences for mountain climbers. The Rwenzori Mountains lie along the western border of Uganda and rise to a height of 5,1OO meters. They provide a spectacular backdrop to the national park.
Animals to be seen here include: golden cat, forest hog, rock hyrax, Sitatunga, elephant, genet, chimpanzee, Colobus monkey, Duiker, Vervet, etc.
Mountaineering is a popular attraction to the visitor who love the snow capped peaks of mount Rwenzori popularly known as the “mountains of the moon” and mount Elgon. These mountaineering destinations offer the best of Africa.

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