Lake Mburo National park is situated between the towns of Mbarara and Masaka is an extension of the Tanzanian plains. zebra_1The park is bounded to the north by the main Kampala-Mbarara road taking a 4 hour drive from Kampala. It is comparatively a small National park of 256 sq kilometers and the only National park in Uganda to contain an entire Lake in the rolling hills and open grassy valleys also composed of primarily grassland, wetland and acacia woodland, At the center of the park lies Lake Mburo, which together with 5 other small Lakes with in the park attracting the hippos, crocodiles and a variety of water birds, forming part of an extensive wetland area with different fauna to other parks and reserves. Animals to be found in the park include the uncommon Topi, Klipspringer, Giant Eland, Impala, the gigantic land Antelope, Rock hyrax, Zebra, Water buck, Buffalo, Warthog, Leopard, Civet and Hyena. Rwonyo fishing village is part of Lake Mburo national park and the most common fish to be caught off the lake is the tilapia which is caught using traditional methods on traditional canoes. It is also a home to several acacia associated water birds species, the papyrus Gonolek and over 310 have been record, like the mosque swallows black bellied busterd, bare faced go away bird, marabou stork, bronze tailed sterling, bee eaters, Nubian wood pecker, swamp fly catchers and Rupp ell’s long tailed sterling, pennant winged night jar is often seen during its migratory period and the rare shoe bill stork. While it’s fringing swamps hide secretive papyrus specialists such as the sitatunga antelopes, red, black and yellow papyrus Gonalek.
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