Kidepo valley National park is 1436 km square. Isolated from the Uganda main stream by the harsh plains north of mountain Elgon, Kidepo valley National park is situated in karamoja region North Eastern Uganda on the Sudanese border making the park one of the most unexplored. This is Uganda’s most spectacular park. Kidepo is one of Africa’s last great wilderness areas with a tract of rugged/Arid savannah, dominated by the 2750 m mountain Morungole and transected by the Rivers Kidepo and Narus. The land scape throughout the park is studded with small hills, rocky out crops and inselberg from which one can obtain stunning views in all directions.
The perennial waters make River Kidepo an oasis in the semi desert which hosts over 86 mammal species including  lions, cheetah, leopard, bat eared fox, giraffe  with 28 occurring nowhere else in Uganda  as well as almost 500 outstanding bird species including the verreaux’s eagle, Egyptian vulture, pygmy falcon. Also there are species of horn bill like the red billed, yellow billed and Jackson’s hornbills; the giant Abyssinian ground hornbill is quite common. Predators are well represented not only lions, cheaters and leopard but also the delightful bat eared fox and  insectivorous hyena like aardwolf while a long list of dry country antelopes include the regal greater kudu and beisa Oryx. The lesser common Ungulates may also include the greater and lesser Kudu, Chandlers, Mountain red buck, klipspringer and dikdik. Five species of primates are found in the park of which the Kavirond bush baby is endemic
Activities /Attractions:

Game viewing
This can be an excellent and thrilling experience due to the huge diversity of endemic species; Kidepo is the only park in Uganda where visitors are able to view both the Zebra and Giraffe.  There is a sense of supreme isolation that distinguishes this rare slice of wild life in Africa and as yet undiscovered by the mass safari market. The park harbors a great diversity of other animal species than other parks concentrated within the Narus Valley. The carnivore species unique to Kidepo and Kilimanjaro can be viewed and the less common ungulates. Chances of viewing tree climbing lions along Narus valley and on the rocks as you enter the Apoka park headquarters.

Foot safari can be a rewarding activity across the Narus valley and enjoying the isolated wilderness.
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