Tsavo West National Game Park is situated in the Coast Province of Kenya, covering an area of 7065 square kilometers. It is covered in volcanic cones, rocky outcrops and lava flows. The western part is a more popular destination on account of its magnificent scenery, Mzima springs, rich and varied wildlife, rhino reserve, good road system, rock climbing and guided walks potential along the Tsavo River. The northern part of Tsavo West is the most developed in terms of lodges and infrastructure and has spectacular scenery with a rolling volcanic landscape carpeted in long grass and dense bush.

Tall vegetation makes game spotting here a little trickier than in some of the other parks. The Big Five can be found in the park along with a fine range of antelope species. The main attractions of the park are the two waterholes, built by the lodges to more or less guarantee that their guests will be treated to fabulous game viewing. Places to visit include the Chaimu Crater and the Roaring Rocks viewpoint. These are located just southeast of Kilaguni Safari Lodge; they can be climbed in roughly 15 minutes and offer sensational views over the plains. 

A visitor’s note on Tsavo West National Park

It was a spine chilling experience to explore the Tsavo West National Park. The entire park was abundant with wildlife and the exotic flora added to its attraction. I will remember my visit as the park offered me lifetime opportunity to view some of the rarest animal roaming in their natural habitat. The facilities of luxury tented camps, and luxury lodges including Kilanguni Lodge and Finch Hattons Camp made my visit absolutely comfortable.

Fact file – Tsavo West National Park

Location: Between Nairobi and the coast
Total area: 7000 sq. kms
Major attractions: Zebra and gerenuk, a long necked antelope
Best time o visit: October – February

A word about Tsavo West National Park, Kenya

Tsavo West National Park is an international wildlife, and environmental treasure chest. It is a part of the Tsavo National Park, which is one of the largest in the world. Tsavo West National Park is hilly, greener, and more vegetated than Tsavo East National Park. The park offers excellent luxury tented camps, and luxury lodges that add to its attraction.

My experience at Tsavo West National Park, Kenya

The first thing that I noticed in the park was its varied flora. There were a variety of flowers, each with a distinct fragrance and charm of their own. Not only the flora but the soil type was also varied and that was a big surprise. The tranquility of the park was only interrupted by the chirping of numerous feathered species that were in abundance in the park.
The wildlife was teeming in the park. I spotted numerous groups of zebras slaking their thirst near Tsavo West’s luxurious game lodges. However, I kept searching for some wild species and soon found a rhino standing quietly near the water hole. It was one the most thrilling experiences of my life and I went very close to him for a closer look.
As I reached at the heights of the park, I found dense vegetation of acacia thorns, which are reputed for their sweet leaves. That area was mostly grazed by gerenuk, a long necked antelope. Before calling it a day, I went to the most famous of Tsavo West’s site is Mzima Springs, where rainfall collected in the porous volcanic rocks springs forth at the rate of 225 million liters a day into pools, and streams of crocodiles and hippos infested waters.


  • Voyager Ziwani Safari Camp,
  • Kilaguni Serena Lodge and many others.

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