Nairobi National Park is situated at the outskirts of the Nairobi city towards the South and is the world famous for being the only National Park to be found within a capital city in the whole world. Being a mere 8 miles from the city’s centre, the park’s vegetation is primarily savannah and plains and has areas of highland forest, acacia and riverine environments. It hosts over 100 animal species such as the rhino, lions, cheetahs Flamingoes, pelicans, hippo, reedbuck, giraffe and an amazing 500 plus bird species including the helmeted guinea fowl, francolins, kori, white and black-bellied bustards, quelea turaco, mouse birds and ostriches among others. The park also hosts game birds and birds of prey.


  • Nairobi Serena Hotel,
  • Windsor Golf & Country,
  • Hotel Intercontinental, 
  • New Stanley Hotel,
  • Safari Park Hotel,
  • Holiday Inn and many others.

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