Amboseli is found immediately North West of Mt. Kilimanjaro, on the border with Tanzania. The Park covers 392 km2, and forms part of the much larger 3,000 Km2 Amboseli ecosystem. Large concentrations of wildlife occur here in the dry season, making Amboseli a popular tourist destination. The National Park embodies 5 main wildlife habitats (open plains, acacia woodland, rocky thorn bush country, swamps and marshland) and covers part of a Pleistocene lake basin. The vegetation is dominated with savannah which allows for viewing of the plains game, ranging from lions, leopards and giraffe. Amboseli is famous for its big game and its great scenic beauty-the landscape is dominated by Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The main road into the Park is from Nairobi are via Namanga (240 km) on the Nairobi – Arusha Road, via Meshanani Gate. The road is tarmac up to Namanga but is badly corrugated and eroded in places from Namanga to Meshanani Gate (75km). Access from Mombasa is mainly through Tsavo West via Kimana (Olkelunyiet) Gate. The park has a single airstrip for light aircraft at Empusel gate. Other airstrips exist at Kilimanjaro Buffalo lodge and Namanga town.

A visitor’s note on Amboseli National Park
I had an exciting time at this wonderful Amboseli National Park. The park provided me a perfect opportunity to view the best of wildlife in natural environs. Everywhere in the park, nature was at its best in forms of both flora and fauna. There was adventure at every step and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here.

Fact file – Amboseli National Parkamboseli_map

Location: Kenya
Major attraction: Bull elephant, giraffe and tiger

A word about Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Amboseli is a place of stark contrast. Meaning “salty dust” in Masai language. Amboseli, despite its sometimes dry and dusty appearance, has an endless water supply filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock from Kilimanjaro ice cap. These underground streams converge into two clear water springs in the heart of the park. The endemic dust is volcanic ash, which spewed from Kilimanjaro a millennium ago. 
My experience at Amboseli National Park, Kenya
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