Itinerary DT017


  • Birding in Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC)4-days-bird-watching-safari-in-rwanda_inner_1
  • Botanical gardens,
  • Sewage Lagoons,
  • Heritage Trail,
  • Mabamba Swamps
  • Mabira Forest,
  • Kanio Pabidi forest a sector of Budongo forest
  • Visit Murchison Falls NP for scenic viewing
  • Boat Cruise
  • Game Viewing and primate walk.

Day 1
After early breakfast, drive to the Uganda Wildlife Education center (UWEC) a zoologist’s center for captive wild animals that has lured over 170 species of wild birds 10 species of Weavers such as the rare Northern Masked Weaver, Golden Backed, Black Necked, Northern Brown Throated, Grosbeak, Baglafect and many others. 5 species of flycatchers Crested shrike flycatcher, Lead colored, Swamp flycatcher, African paradise Red bellied etc, raptors such as the Gabar Goshawk, small banded snake Eagle, African Goshawk, African Fish Eagle, African Hobby etc and many more species including captive animals. You will then proceed to Botanical gardens for another birding experience. Thereafter, you will have lunch and relax. In the evening visit the sewage lagoons.
Dinner and Overnight at Windsor (FB) 

Day 2
Wake up for breakfast and connect to the Heritage trail a 10 minutes drive from the Airport You will be able to watch birds like Brown Crowned Tchargra, Black Cuckoo Shrike, Brown Twin spot, Mustached Warbler, Violet backed Starlings, Yellow bill, Southern Banded Snake Eagle, Great sparrow hawk, Short Toed Snake Eagle, Red Shouldered Cuckoo Shrike, and many more. Thereafter, you will continue to Lutembe Beach for lunch. Then take on a boat in search for the papyrus Canary, the thousands of Grey Headed Gulls, White Winged black Terns, Papyrus Gonolek, and continue birding to sunset.
Dinner and overnight at Windsor (FB)

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