Lake Mburo National Park

About Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National park is situated between the towns of Mbarara and Masaka, its an extension of the Tanzanian plains. The park is bounded to the north by the main Kampala-Mbarara road taking a 4 hour drive from Kampala. It is comparatively a small National park of 256km2 and the only National park in Uganda to contain an entire Lake in the rolling hills and open grassy valleys also composed of primarily grassland, wetland and acacia woodland. At the center of the park lies Lake Mburo, which together with 5 other small Lakes with in the park attracting the hippos, crocodiles and a variety of water birds, forming part of an extensive wetland area with different fauna to other parks and reserves.

Activities in Lake Mburo National park

Game drive/ Viewing

Lake Mburo National park has a number of tourist tracks with in the park and a game viewing/ drive is a rewarding activity for you. Impala track exposes the visitor to a diverse species of animals. Since game drive is the major activity in the park and it is famous for water bucks, impala, buffalos, zebras, topis, the elegant eland, numerous forest hogs, hyenas, jackals, as well as  numerous hippos, and crocodiles gracing the shores of the lake to the northern side.

Boat trips

This is an interesting excursion due to the presence of the lake within the national park. A 2 hour motorized boat trip is organized at Rwonyo offices and this boat trip can help you view the rich diversity of animals like; papyrus Gonolek found in the giant sedge, Cyprus papyrus reeds and plant species that can be found on the shores of the are also other bird species like the pelicans, black crake, fish eagle, rare shoe bill stork and also the crocodiles, hippos these species can easily be viewed at this point on the boat trip.

Guided walks

Encounter numerous buffalos roaming freely, providing an up-close experience with Uganda’s diverse wildlife.

Our guided walks, carefully curated by Dagiz Travel, offer more than just a stroll; they provide an opportunity to admire the untouched beauty of nature. Traverse the park at your own pace, accompanied by an armed guide who ensures your safety while enhancing your understanding of the surrounding flora and fauna