8 Days Uganda Cultural Tour

8 Days Uganda Cultural Tour

8 Days Uganda Cultural Tour

8 days Uganda cultural tour is a 7 nights/8 days community cultural safari in Uganda showcasing her 56 different native tribes, their beliefs, and their traditions plus beautiful scenery viewing and wildlife.

On this 8 Days Uganda Cultural Tour community adventure safari trip, you’ll not only experience authentic culture but also thrilling wildlife encounters, amazing scenery, as well as the warm and friendly attitude of the people in the “Pearl of Africa”.

Your tour starts in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. From there, drive west with a stop at Nakayima tree before reaching Fort Portal, a culturally rich and naturally scenic area of Uganda. Tour Amabere cave which is famous for its stalactites which are linked to the rich Chwezi culture and hike to the Fort Portal Crater Lakes field. Visit Toro Palace, the official residence of the King/Omukama of Tooro Kingdom before moving to Karambi Royal Tombs.

Next, travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park – a park of diverse habitats – hosting 610 bird species and 95 species of mammals including the rare tree-climbing lions. Search for lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, and more on game drives.

Detailed 8 Days Uganda Cultural Tour
Day 1: Drive To Fort Portal With A Visit To Nakayima Tree En Route. Tour Amabere Cave & Hike To Fort Portal Crater Lake Field On Arrival.

To start your cultural Uganda safari, have your breakfast at 6.00 am at your place of stay in Kampala. Embark on a 300km (5 hours) drive to Fort Portal, passing through impressive Uganda landscape, en-route towns, and rural settlements before branching off at Mubende to visit the Nakayima tree.

Named after Nakayima the wife of Ndahura founder of the Bachwezi dynasty (that ruled over the Bunyoro Kitara Empire centuries ago), the Nakayima tree is estimated by scientists to be around 600 years old.

Proceed on a drive to Fort Portal a very beautiful town, situated amid the rolling hills of Tooro in the shadow of the ‘Mountains of the Moon’. It is Tooro’s main city named after Sir Gerald Portal who was British Special Commissioner to Uganda.

It is an important commercial area too, as it is in the heartland of the tea-growing area of Uganda. Enjoy lunch at one of the best restaurants in town.

After lunch, connect to Amabeere Cave, named after the live stalactite formation, Amabeere ga Nyinamwiru – literally, Breasts of Nyinamwiru. The breast-like features in the caves are believed to have belonged to Nyinamwiru, the daughter of King Bukuku who is said to have been so beautiful that no man could leave her alone.

Retreat from this activity and transfer back to Fort Portal town for relaxation, dinner, and overnight.

Day 2: Visit Toro Royal Palace, Karambi Royal Tombs & Transfer To Queen Elizabeth National Park.

After breakfast at around 8.00 am, embark on the tour of the Toro Royal Palace known as Karuzika. It is the official residence of the Omukama/King of the Tooro Kingdom, Oyo Nyimba Iguru who is the world’s youngest King. The Palace sits at the top of Kabarole hill that overlooks Fort Portal City and the suburbs.

The ancestral home of the former President of USA Barrack Obama belonged to the Bachwezi Empire. The Bachwezi dynasty was followed by the Babiito to which the current Toro King belongs.

You tour the palace; explore the royal regalia and the interpretation of the king’s coronation process. Retreat encounter and transfer to Karambi Royal Tombs, situated about 5km from the Palace. You’ll find the resting place of 3 of Tooro’s famous Kings including the founding father, King Kaboyo.

The caretaker will let you into some of the mausoleums where you’ll find personal effects of the kings such as royal drums and spears. You listen to their great stories and then return to Fort Portal town for lunch.

After lunch, undertake a 157km (3-4 hours) drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park as you enjoy the impressive views of the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains, Africa’s highest Mountain range which rises to 5,109m above sea level.

Day 3: Morning Game Drive In Kasenyi Sector & Afternoon Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise.

After a steaming cup of Ugandan tea or coffee at around 6.00 am, embark on a 3-4 hours game drive in the savannah plains of the Kasenyi sector of the wonderful Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Kasenyi, apart from harboring great wildlife, is also one of the prettiest parts of the park, especially in the golden light of the morning when the first rays of sunshine come to rest on the savannah. Look for Elephants, Buffalos, Lions, Leopards, Hyenas, Waterbucks, Bushbucks, Uganda kobs, Hippos, and various other creatures.

Also, look out for special bird species including Grey-crowned crane (Uganda National bird), Red-throated spurfowl, Yellow-throated longclaw, White-backed vulture, White-headed vulture, Long-crested Eagle, Black-bellied bustard, African Skimmer, and Brown Snake Eagle, to name just a few. Return to the lodge for relaxation and lunch.

In the afternoon, drive to Mweya Jetty for another remarkable, unforgettable activity planned; the 2-hour boat trip on the 40 Kazinga channel which flows between Lakes George and Edward.

One of the world’s densest concentrations of hippo lives here, as well as large numbers of elephants, crocodiles, and numerous water birds including African Open-billed, Yellow-billed, and Saddle-billed Storks; Marabou storks, African spoonbills, African jacana, Water Thick-knee, and Pink-backed Pelicans.

Return from the activity and connect to the lodge for your overnight.

Day 4: Visit Katwe Salt Lake & Transfer To Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Optional Chimpanzee Tracking In Kyambura Gorge.

Have an early breakfast at around 6.30 am and drive to Katwe Salt Lake which lies southeast of the snow-capped Rwenzori mountains and on the western side of the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth Park.

This unusual lake is far too salty to support much wildlife – though since the 16th Century it has ensured the survival of the Katwe villagers, who spend their days under the equatorial sun, walking the network of paths that crisscross the lake and harvesting salt from its milky waters.

The tour will give you a unique insight into the fascinating yet tough process of traditional salt mining. See villagers at work on the lake, cross the mud walkways and enter a traditional grass hut. You’ll also pass the nearby bird sanctuary lake, home to thousands of birds, including flamingoes from October to May.

Alternatively, you can opt for a chimpanzee tracking encounter in the 100m deep Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth Park. This wonderful geological feature is known as “the Valley of Apes” and is another world unto itself. The view from the top is incredibly impressive with a deep sunken gorge covered in lush tropical vegetation.

As its nickname reveals, the gorge is home to several primate species including chimpanzees, the red-tailed monkey, black-and-white colobus, baboons, and Vervet monkeys. You’ll also see your fair share of colorful bird species.

While the chances of spotting chimpanzees are not as high here as in Kibale or Kalinzu Forest, this landscape is among the most impressive in Uganda and absolutely worth visiting.Retreat from the activity and transfer to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Day 5: Undertake The Batwa Heritage Trail Tn Mgahinga Gorilla National Park & Relax At The Lodge.

After your breakfast at around 7.30, transfer to the Ntebeko visitor center for a briefing about the Batwa Trail experience which starts at 8.30 am. The trail introduces you to the Batwa/Twa (pygmy) people – a hunter-gatherer tribe who for generations depended on the forest for shelter, food, and medicine.

The trail is led by a local Twa guide, who explains how they used to live in the forest before being ousted when it became a national park.

You follow the trail along the lower slopes of Virunga as Twa guide demonstrates several traditional practical skills such as: – lighting fire by rubbing sticks together, bivouac building that they lived in, hunting and trapping techniques, target practice with a bow and arrow, and how to fetch water in a bamboo cup.

Learn about food gathering; nutritious leaves, plants, berries that are found in the forest that you might not even notice. Also, learn about the plants, roots, herbs, bark from trees that the Batwa have used as medicine for centuries. (You see plants. The Batwa people see a pharmacy).

The trail ends inside 342m long Garama Cave where a group of women in the darkness sing and acts out a song of sadness about the loss of their beloved forest and their desire to return to what is now a national park.

The trail also includes a discussion of the current plight of the Batwa. It is a journey back to the authentic culture that now facing the risk of extinction. The Batwa Trail Experience takes about 7 hours, after which you return to the lodge for relaxation, dinner, and overnight.

The highlight of the day: – Hiking through the forest and learning about the ancient culture of the Batwa, hunter-gatherer people.

Day 6: Drive To Nshenyi Cultural Village For An Insight the Traditional Lifestyle of the Banyankole People.

Enjoy a relaxed breakfast today at 8.30 am and embark on a drive from Mgahinga Gorilla National Park to Nshenyi Cultural Village in Ntugamo District to experience the traditional lifestyle of the Banyankole people.

The drive will take you through impressive countryside landscapes exploring the settlement of the local people before arriving in Mbarara and eventually Ntugamo.

Nshenyi is 30 minutes drive from Ntugamo town and about a 1-hour drive from Mbarara town. You arrive at the lodge for relaxation, dinner, and overnight.

Traditionally, Nshenyi is a pastoralist area. The terrain is characterized by endless rolling hills, savanna grass, and acacia trees, an environment that is ideal for rearing cattle. There are also large tracts of banana plantations and a variety of subsistence and commercial crops on many farms in the area.

Day 7: Explore Nshenyi Cultural Village & Transfer Back To Kampala.

Wake up early for breakfast at around 6.00 am. After breakfast, embark on a cultural encounter, exploring the traditions of the Banyankole people.

You participate in traditional hand milking of the long-horned Ankole cattle, explore the traditional cattle treatment process, the naming of cows and how the calves know the name of their mothers and themselves, brushing the cow to remove dirt using the local brush called Enkuyo, set out to grazing field along with the herdsmen learning how to play instruments like flute and traditional songs.

You do the cattle watering at the locally made soil trough and then retreat to the cultural village. You settle for traditional lunch which you can also participate in its preparation process. Then embark on a drive back to Kampala.

Day 8: Undertake The Kampala Cultural Tour; Visit Kabaka’s Palace, Uganda National Museum & Craft Centers.

After a relaxed breakfast at around 8.30 am, explore the culture and heritage of Kampala city, a city with a rich and distinctive culture.You tour Kabaka’s palace (Olubiri) situated on Mengo Hill.

Learn about the history and cultural heritage of the Buganda Kingdom which is one of the last surviving intact and large kingdoms in Africa founded about 600 years ago. You explore the ancient fire that has never stopped burning unless the Kabaka (King) is dead.

You take a walk along the Royal mile and connect to Bulange Royal Building the traditional center for Lukiiko (parliament) that demonstrates that Buganda already had an established parliament even before the coming of Europeans.

The 8 Days Uganda Cultural Tour proceeds to Kabaka’s Lake which is a manmade lake that was dug in 1880 by the Baganda people under the orders of their Kabaka/King, Mwanga as an escape corridor during British armed conflicts to connect to Lake Victoria.


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