7 days Uganda Cultural Tour

7 days Uganda Cultural Tour

7 days Uganda Cultural Tour

Embark on a 7 days Uganda Cultural Tour , a journey that unravels the cultural tapestry of this enchanting nation. Starting in Kampala, explore vibrant markets, ancient tombs, and coronation sites. Venture to Jinja, discovering cultural ties to the Buganda Kingdom and the source of the Nile. Fort Portal beckons with cultural treasures, while Kibale National Park offers wildlife encounters.

Continue to Queen Elizabeth National Park for chimpanzee tracking and a Kazinga Channel cruise. The tour concludes in Mbarara, exploring Banyankole cultural sites. This immersive experience promises not just sights but a deep understanding of Uganda’s rich heritage and diverse cultures.

Day 1: Explore Kampala’s Cultural Marvels

Commence your cultural journey with a visit to Kampala’s renowned cultural sites. Discover the vibrant Cultural Market, Kasubi Tombs, Nagalabi (Buganda kingdom coronation site), Bahai Temple, Kabaka’s Lake, and the Buganda King’s Palace.

Delve into the rich history of Uganda, its kingdoms, and diverse cultures. In the evening, indulge in traditional cultural dances at the Ndere Cultural Center. Retire to your hotel for a restful night.

Day 2: Journey to Jinja

Enjoy an early breakfast and depart for the Uganda Martyrs Shrines in Namugongo. Pay respects to the martyrs and then head to Jinja. Explore Sezibwa Falls, culturally significant to the Buganda Kingdom. Witness the mighty White Nile, visit Bujagali Falls, and witness the source of the River Nile. Return to Kampala for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Transfer to Fort Portal

Embark on a scenic drive to Fort Portal, stopping en route to visit the Nakayima Tree in Mubende. Immerse yourself in the intriguing tales surrounding this ancient tree. Continue to Fort Portal for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 4: Cultural Delights in Fort Portal

Visit “Amabeere ga Nyinamwiru” (Breasts of Nyinamwiru), a cultural site steeped in history. Explore Karambi Tombs, the King’s Palace, and engage in a community walk through neighboring villages. Retreat to your hotel for the night.

Day 5: Chimpanzee Tracking and QENP

Embark on an early morning chimpanzee tracking adventure in Kibale National Park. Later, journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park for an afternoon launch cruise on the Kazinga Channel. Witness diverse wildlife, including elephants, hippos, buffalos, and crocodiles. Dine and rest at Mweya Safari Lodge.

Day 6: Game Drive and Mbarara

Embark on an early morning game drive to encounter lions, hyenas, elephants, leopards, and more. In the afternoon, drive to Mbarara, where you’ll dine and spend the night at Lake View Hotel.

Day 7: Banyankole Cultural Immersion and Return to Kampala

After breakfast, explore cultural sites in Mbarara, including the Banyankole Kingdom shrines and homesteads. Gain insights into their culture, lifestyle, and traditions. Visit orphanages and women’s groups. Following lunch, return to Kampala, stopping at the Equator for a unique photo opportunity and the Mpambire drum village for crafts. Conclude your cultural journey with a transfer to the airport or your hotel. This marks the end of the 7-day cultural experience in Uganda