12 Days Authentic Uganda Culture Tour

12 Days Authentic Uganda Culture Tour

12 Days Authentic Uganda Culture Tour

Discover the true Africa, engage with the locals, and get knowledge of Uganda’s history and culture with our 12 days Authentic Uganda Culture Tour. Uganda has a rich cultural history. There are kingdoms in several parts of Uganda, such as Buganda, Busoga, Bunyoro, Ankole, Toro, etc. Ugandans come from a variety of varied cultures and lifestyles, and each tribe has its own traditional dance. They are incredibly welcoming.

What to Expect
  • Travel through the National Park of Kidepo
  • Unmatched wildlife abundance and breathtaking sceneries
  • Karamojong and Acholi cultures
  • Take a look at the Toro Kings Palace.
  • Murchison’s descent
  • Ankole cows with long horns
Detailed 12 Days Authentic Uganda Culture Tour
Day 1: Arrival in Entebbe, Uganda

Upon your arrival in Entebbe,  Uganda,you’ll be met by a friendly representative from Dagiz Travel Limited, your trusted guide for this authentic cultural journey. They’ll whisk you away to your comfortable accommodations at Guinea Fowl Guest House, where you can unwind after your travels and prepare for the cultural immersion that awaits you.

Day 2 : Entebbe-Kitgum

After a hearty breakfast, your adventure kicks off with a scenic drive to Kidepo National Park. Along the way, you’ll make a memorable stop at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, a beacon of hope for Uganda’s rhinoceros population. Once on the brink of extinction due to poaching and civil unrest, this sanctuary now serves as a vital breeding ground for both black and white rhinos.

Continuing your journey, you’ll pass through Kitgum, pausing to visit some of the region’s refugee camps, gaining insight into the challenges faced by displaced communities. After a day filled with exploration and meaningful encounters, you’ll enjoy a delicious dinner before retiring to your hotel for a well-deserved rest.

Day 3: Kitgum to Kidepo

Today, your journey takes you deeper into the heart of Uganda as you head towards the majestic Kidepo National Park. Nestled in the remote corners of Karamoja province, Kidepo Valley stands as a testament to the untouched beauty of Uganda’s wilderness. Despite its isolation, the park offers unparalleled opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts, boasting a rich diversity of species including majestic lions, swift cheetahs, towering ostriches, and formidable water buffalo.

As you traverse the semi-arid valleys, keep your eyes peeled for the park’s avian residents, with an impressive bird list featuring 475 species. Among them are East Africa’s elusive gems like the Black-breasted Barbet and the Karamoja Apalis, adding to the park’s allure for birdwatchers.

While the journey may present challenges with treacherous road conditions, the stunning scenery along the way offers a glimpse into the Acholi and Karamojong cultures, enriching your travel experience. Upon arrival in the late afternoon, seize the opportunity for a short game drive, immersing yourself in the park’s untamed beauty. If time permits, visit nearby camps and schools, offering insights into local life before retiring for the night amidst the wilderness of Kidepo National Park.

Day 4 : Kidepo National Park

Experience the beauty of one of East Africa’s most isolated and spectacular natural parks. The scenery and wildlife simply cannot compare. The best part is that the park is completely yours, with the likelihood of encountering another vehicle minimal. Spend the day exploring the beauty of Kidepo concluding the day with an exciting walking safari in the evening. The adventure continues the next day as you travel to the Sudanese border to visit Kidepo’s ostrich population, and have a bush lunch overlooking the park. Participate in an optional game drive or visit to the Karamojong communities in the late afternoon.

12 Days Authentic Uganda Culture Tour

Day 5 & Day 6: Kidepo to Murchison Falls National Park

Day 5 & Day 6: Kidepo to Murchison Falls National Park Travel from Kidepo to Murchison Falls National Park, stopping for lunch en route. Relax at your lodge along the Nile River. The next day, enjoy an early morning game drive to spot lions, giraffes, and more. In the afternoon, take a boat trip to see Murchison Falls up close and encounter wildlife along the Nile.

Day 7: Murchison Falls to Hoima

Begin the day with breakfast before embarking on the journey from Murchison Falls to Hoima. Upon arrival in Hoima in the afternoon, settle in at the Cultural Lodge. Engage in cooking lessons with the local staff and enjoy an immersive cultural experience.

Day 8: Hoima to Fort Portal

Enjoy breakfast before departing for Fort Portal, where you’ll arrive in the afternoon. Explore attractions like the Toro King’s Palace, the Amabere Caves, known for local legends, and browse through the crafts markets. Spend the night at Rwenzori Guest House, soaking in the charm of the area.

Day 9: Fort Portal to Nshenyi Village (Western Uganda)

After breakfast, embark on your journey to the western part of Uganda, with a stop en route for lunch. Arrive at Nshenyi Village in the afternoon. Upon arrival, you’ll receive an introduction to the village, its culture, and meet the local family members. Participate in pastoral activities like setting out cows to graze (Oksetura) and learn about the intricate process involved. Spend time in the field watering the cows (Okweshera) or witness the transformation of milk into ghee (Okuchunda) inside a traditional hut. Optionally, visit a local school, take a nature walk, or experience the bustling open market scene. Enjoy dinner and overnight accommodation at Nshenyi Village, immersing yourself in the rural African lifestyle.

Day 10: Nshenyi village experience-Kisoro

You leave for the field early in the morning to milk (okukama) the Ankole cows, which have long horns. After breakfast, head back to the farm. From there, we’ll take a quick stroll to a Bahima tribe community. Discover more about this traditional tribe’s living arrangements, diet, and other customs by experiencing their way of life. Gaze directly into Tanzania to witness the extraordinary diversity of bird life. Travel to Kisoro in the afternoon and arrive there in the evening. Spend the night in Traveler’s Rest.

Day 11: Batwa Trail Experience

Start your day early with a visit to the Batwa community. Originating from Gahinga and his three sons – Gahutu, Gatwa, and Gatusi – the Batwa have a unique history deeply intertwined with Uganda. Explore the Batwa Cave, once the dwelling of their king, as they narrate their remarkable journey. Interact with locals, immersing yourself in their rich and authentic culture. Learn about their ancient traditions, hear captivating stories, and witness cultural dances, music performances, and craft-making demonstrations. The Batwa were relocated from the forest to develop Mgahinga National Park, contributing to its conservation. Return to your hotel in the evening, with an option for a cooking class.

Day 12: Bwindi to Entebbe

Enjoy breakfast before transferring to Kisoro airstrip for your flight to Entebbe. Upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport, embark on a scenic drive to your final destination. Reflect on your incredible journey through Uganda’s diverse landscapes, cultures, and wildlife as you make your way back to Entebbe.